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Painting in xpaint//paintprush is my favourite way of wasting time. Here the expamples. Sorry, most of commentaries in russian
Winny the Poo
Winny the Poo: "Is thats ME who feels fine???"
Lenin Hills (district in Moscow)
Antartic expedition meets pingiun tribe
Programmer and Jesus Christ
Rabbits in Kentucky
That's about my company (www.undersky.ru)
I had an awful dream about Lenin
My boss and me visits our client (pen drawen)
SummerPiss 2004
WinterPiss 2004/2005
Aztec's Crocodile
Tsar Muldon is crossing Don 2008
I am stealing Robotron 1715 from MESI 2014 INCOLOR
20181231 Long-awaited FAQ
20170103 SBC Atmega8 + RCA1802 / CDP1802 CPU launched
20141128 Gopher server launched
20141022 2006 Fotos from the roof of my house
20140701 New artwork: "I am stoling Robotron 1715 PC from MESI" for my robotron pages
20140616 Update: 68008 computer by me
20020601 Redesign of my homepage. Still wondering, what's for?
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