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Whats it? Who have wrote it?
Why it was written
Advantages and disadvantages
System Requements
Installation & configuration
Whats it? Who have wrote it?

It is a Fidonet(tm)/FTN tosser for point, distributed in sources. It imports unpacked received *.pkt files to message base and exports messages written in our system, storing them to *.pkt file.
It was written by Dmitry the Zuryanovich dz@mir.glasnet.ru aka 2:5020/730.
It is free for using and modyfying.

Why it was written

It was written to be a freeware, distributed in sources, easyly compiling under unix, small, user-changable tosser. I failed to find a suitable tosser (tobruk is not!) which can be used by point. It means NOT ON NODE. For using in node, try tobruk in pathrought mode, or (better) try SQWish by Sergej Qkowlew (its, too, a pathtou tosser).
After golded for linux (Thanks for releasing code , Odin ;-) ) began avaluable, I had to write THIS to use with it.
Now I only compile it under SCO OSR 5.0.4 , OS/2 with GCC/EMX and Linux To say, my attempt to compile it on SunOS made me hate it.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main disadvantage is that, currently, it can work only with *.msg Opus style base. The good news that possibly I will work on it.
(Hey! Drop me a documentation on jam)
Other disadvantages are:
- it work only with one boss. You REQUID to be a point.
- it doesnt unarchive inbound and archive outbound mail. Use 4os2/sh/bash/tcl /perl for it.
- it doesnt checks for dupes.
- it has no any sequrity system
- it doesnt link and purge messages
- it is slow (because of *.msg, however)
Read system requiments section also.
Features are:
- it autocreates new areas (but they req. not to have symbols like / and \).
- i hope it doent have any limits on message size
- it forwards netmail (but,currently,not fileattaches)

System Requements

It reques:
- c compiler. DummyTosser cannot be distributed in binary. Your compiler should be either C90 compatible (have _fopen) (like gcc/emx), or your filesystem must not req. SH_DENYNONE (like unixes). Your compiler must have opendir/readdir (not _dos_findfirst/findnext)!
- file system with long filename support. DummyTosser will not run on dos and cp/m! hpfs, htfs, ntfs and ext2fs seems to be oki.
- hands and brains.
- no limits on malloc(). (if they are, you're limited in message size)
I have compiled it under IBM OS/2 with gcc/emx and SCO OpenServer 5.0.4 with a native SCO compiler.

Installation & configuration

To install, you should edit config.h (where all the pathes are configured) and compile a binary by
cc -o toss toss.c altkoi.c msgpkt.c
or smth more sutable for your os.
You should create INBOUND, OUTBOUND, MSGROOT and MSGROOT\BAD directories.


I've moved to XEPb.org/dtz Try my software homepage at
(new one)
, or BrakyTerm distribution directory
, or freq FILES from 2:5020/730@fidonet (at 2097717, 19..08 MSK (GMT+3))

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