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HErouter - fidonet netmail router with embedded tcl/tk
I was looking for good flexible netmail router for fidonet/ftn networking. And again , in the 21th centuary I've decided to write it myself.
Actually I've wrote it for unix/linux/openbsd, but it will be easy to compile it elsewhere on i386-like endian computers
The main feature is a writing/routing rules written on tcl. The algorythm follows:
Load an config file. It is on tcl, too. Here you write smth like
set MyFTNAddr 2:5020/730
(see docs and examples in distributive).
Then, for each message another tcl script is executed. It can check message attributes (MsgFrom, so on) and do (currently, two) actions: route the message to outbound or store it back (or do first route, then store, then rewrite, then route again, so on)
Currenty it's in early BETA, but working.
The latest version is 0.00.01, get it here .
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