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BrakyTerm FTN/FidoNet mailer official home here

Note the russian spelling of blya-blya-blya!

Whats BrakyTerm?
Why it was written?
What is a reason to use it?
Who write it and what does it costs? Why it is not GPL?
Will it run on my computer?
What does it also need to run?
Where to get it?
How to get support?

Whats BrakyTerm?

BrakyTerm is a mailer for fidonet(tm)/FTN technologoiy. It is used to transfer files and ftn mail over a telephone modem line. Alternatives are The Brake!, Binkley, Bink/+, FrontDoor.

Why it was written?

It was written to protest against today's ftn user-friendism. Todays' FTN world is not an cyberspace underground, but just a transport and a method to get FREE netmail/echomail.

And it will die as soon as internet becames cheaper. When Internet channel will came to every flat, no one ask why he should use binkd/golded/timed instread of tin.

But is is not just a question of technology. It is a question of cyberspace freedom.

What is a reason to use it?

If you feel you're fit of Misco$oft Windows, T-Mail, Intel Pentium (tm) and other RESPECABLE and PRESTIGE things, if you dont turn on your's computer it to work (instead of using it to improve yourself) - BrakyTerm is for you.

I ran a 3 38400-baud-locked line bbs under OS/2 warp 3 with TCP/IP, ftp server at 486DX50/16 and it worked. But it is not a wonder, it worked on 386DX40/8.

I just wanna say IT REALLY WORKS.

The breef overview of feautres are:
- EMSI/FTS0056 seems to be capatible.
- Capatible with BSO (Binkley-Style Outbound). BrakyTerm IS NOT A BSO mailer! It is JUST BSO-Capatible!
- Bink/+ and T-Mail fileboxes compatible. JUST COMPATIBLE!
- file-transfer protocols are EXTERNAL. I make my station work with Zmodem , ZedZap and Hydra. Living under DOS, I used HSLink.
It is not the best mailer for freqs. Generally, it is awfull for WaZoo freqs. mfreq which cames in BrakyTerm utilities (or, at least, is present at official BrakyTerm site) is useful for these (but only for direct links). You can try SRIF (but now it is not directly supported). But, of course, the main reason to write it was a T-MailSuxx Feature. Now it is out-of-date (but still exists and works), but there are some more features for this problem.

Who write it and what does it costs? Why it is not GPL?

It was written by Dmitry the Zuryanovich dtz@tori.msk.ru 2:5020/730@fidonet. vadik likholetov vadik@pu.ru 2:5030/266 helped me a lot.

BrakyTerm is released under HACKER'S Power//HPGroup, Heffalump Computing and Y82 MAPA3M Research Inq. labels.

BrakyTerm is FREEWARE for non-commercial purposes.

Commercial and demo versions are also avaluable. The main difference is that non-commercial version uses subnormal lexics in configuration file, but commercial version does not. Demo version is the same as commercial, but it allows you to dial only to my bbs.

The cost of commercial version is $30 per copy. Demo version is avaluable by request.

I hope one day BrakyTerm will come with source, but not now. I've begun to work on it on 1994 on 386DX_12_/1M/20M DOS computer, but, when I ported it to OS/2 at 1996 I was still too stupid.

That is why the code is too ugly and I'm ashamed to distribute it. That is why I still have troubles compiling it under unix.

Will it run on my computer?

BrakyTerm now comes in IBM PC binary for DOS, requering ~200k to run, or IBM/MicroSoft OS/2 1.2 or greater.

DOS versions are not well-tested - I do compile them only because I once compiled them and they are still compilable. They are DV/OS2/MSCREEN/even Win aware.

OS/2 16 bit versions usually requers MAXCOMM; you can find versions which do not requere MAXCOMM.DLL.

OS/2 32 bit versions sometimes requere GIO2.DLL. This can be found in Hobbes archives. This is nice .dll and I do think about registring it.

I do know that OS/2 16-bit versions do not run under Windows NT because of exception. It is good!

Using BrakyTerm under IBM/MS OS/2 <= 2.1 will cause a lot of problems. But, as I know, they can be solved

unix (at lest SCO OpenServer and Linux/Intel) are forthcoming. Sometimes I do decide to compile CP/M 80 versions, but I DO NOT PROMICE IT. Also, CP/M 86 version MAY HAPPEN to be avaluable (thanks for Caldera which made CP/M 86 avaluable for free). I have no idea of WindoeZ BiNaRy.

What does it also need to run?

You need External protocols as Zmodem, Hydracom or some else. The main req. for them is to generate DSZLOG capatible log file.

DOS versions always reqs FOSSIL drivers.

OS/2 versions may happen to req. MAXCOMM/SIOCOMM.DLL or GIO2.DLL

BrakyTerm utilities may be extremally usefull

And please SELECT A PROPER DISTRIBUTION! You need not only a binary, but at least you need a documentation file and possibly the Utilities!

Where to get it?

BrakyTerm home site is here. I do maintain this page at http://XEPb.org/dtz/brakyterm.html

. Check all the both places, please

BrakyTerm is avaluable for FTN Freq from 2:5020/730 (7-095-4512218, 00..10 MSK,GMT+3). First, freq FILES and go on.

Distributions has next name conversations:

B T X Y Z C M D .RAR or .LZH
\/  | | | | | +--------------> Communication module ('M') for MAXCOMM
\/  | | | | +----------------> Distribution set:
\/  | | |                      P - for OS/2 Protected mode EXE, R - DOS REAL
\/  | | |                      MODE EXE, D - Documentation, U - utilities
\/  | | |                      3 - dos+os2 binaries inside.
\/  | | | +------------------> Compiler used S - TopSpeed C - Turbo C G - GNU
\/  | | |                      W - Watcom and so on.
\/  | | +--------------------> Number. Just Number. More means later.
\/  | +----------------------> Month is was released
\/  +------------------------> the lowest digit of year
 +---------------------------> BT for BrakyTerm,MF for MadFreq,DT is DummyTosser
                               other letters for other products.
Other usefull resources:
Cexyz Zmodem/Zap
TxZm - read this for license (this do not work with BrakyTerm)
patched version of above (this works)

How to get support?

There is no echo/newsgroup for BrakyTerm support. You can ask questions via email/netmail to Dmitry the Zuryanovich ( dreadbit@gmail.com / 2:5020/730.730) or in SU.MAILER russian FIDONET echoconference. For better results, make to: attribute of echomail message equal to Dmitry the Zuryanovich.

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