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Main shit - the best the newest and the most realistic - all about DtZ ! :> My computers from 1980 and 1990

Searle Grant's SBC

At 201212 I've assembled Searle Grant's Z80 SBC.   Here is my (early) version. I describe it here , but looks like I'll have a separate page describing my work here.

All the photos of my computers on Photobucket here
That's not the full list, just some - which I want to share some knowlegde


Facit A1700 Terminal

Press shift-alt-printscreen to enter setup
Internals of Facit A1700 (8085 inside)
PICT1802.JPG 1102897 bytes
PICT1801.JPG 1355293 bytes
PICT1800.JPG 998519 bytes
PICT1799.JPG 1301150 bytes
PICT1798.JPG 1392434 bytes
PICT1797.JPG 1026010 bytes
PICT1796.JPG 1049398 bytes

8 bit

Microsha (8080 based soviet computer) and it's Lianozovo FDC (floppy drive)

ROM (bios) photos of Microsha
ROM (bios) fotos of Microsha's FDC . The ROM size is 2kb and it starts from E000, so the E800-EF00 photos seems to be useless. You can (oh no, you - cant, but I - can ;-) ) boot it via G E000 and get a message "DOS 2.9\nNo DISK\nNO DISK\nA:". The DOS is NOTHING LIKE CP/M, so the FDC is quite useless. And it does not require any "Boot Disk", all the needed things are inside of ROM


Is well-known Soviet ZX-Spectrum clone,here is pinout

You may believe not, but I own some PCs.
Compaq Prosignia VS 486 Motherboard. Note that I power it from a regular PC AT power supply unit, and if you repeat this - be very carefull.
32 bit RISC

HP 9000 715/80

I do not own this computer any more (but know a person who owns it now)

It's written that pressing TOC key for 10 secs while power up does not lead to console on com port 1; that's wrong - it DOES! So you do not need that weird 10 pin RJ-45 keyboard (HP-HIL or even not?)
UPD: That's true for "second generation" 715s.

I've soldered the connector of keydoard and mouse to 715/80. Here is as scheme by John Burns from www.unixnerd.demon.co.uk, great thanks to him!

Use hammer and screwdriver to jam the RJ-45 style port. It's correct name is TP10P10C , at 2012 it is on sale in ChipDip in Moscow.

Newsgroups: comp.sys.hp.hardware
References: <3h_h9.35380$g9.100617@newsfeeds.bigpond.com>
Organization: University of Karlsruhe, Germany
Date: 18 Sep 2002 19:57:53 GMT
From: urle 
Subject: Re: HP 715/64 worksation cable

John Burns  wrote:
>> I need connection info for a Hewlett-Packard A4022-62003 Keyboard Adapter
>> Module Cable
>> this is the Y cable that connects two PS/2 devices (keyboard and mouse) to
>> the 10 way SMD socket

It was posted already several times:

> I've already posted it some time ago, but anyway, here it is again:
>                     |                  Pin
>     Signal          | Workstation   HIL    PS2 Mouse  PS2 Kbd
>     ----------------+----------------------------------------
>     HIL +12V        |      1         1
>     HIL SI          |      2         2                      
>     HIL SO          |      3         3                      
>     GND             |      4         4         3         3
>     PS2 Mouse Clock |      5                   5
>     PS2 Mouse Data  |      6                   1
>     GND             |      7                   3         3
>     PS2 Kbd Data    |      8                             1
>     PS2 Kbd Clock   |      9                             5
>     PS2 +5V         |     10                   4         4
> --
> Lothar Paltins                                      lopa@tesionmail.de

This also should be true for 715/100 and 715/64 models

Runs: HPUX 10.20,11.11i,NetBSD and Gentoo (I've tried just to load the last two ; they loads)

B160L and B180

I own both that workstations. Both likes only ECC simms, they are really hard to find. On 128M you can install HP/UX 11.11, but it will be very slow. You can even mix EDO and FPM simms in different banks.
B160L has a very strange SCSI. It has 50 PIN interface and 68 PIN, but 68 PIN interface is connected via separated board and it is HWI (no matter what it means). I was able to connect regular 68 PIN drive to 50 pin interface via convertor, but not to 68 PIN interface. Also B160L has PCI interface with a hole in the unusual place; I think that's 3.3V PCI.
No such problems with B180.

HP 9000 800 E25

Hi-rez photos of boards
Remote dtlogin to HP/UX from Solaris: Cannot convert string dt-interface system-medium problem

IBM RS/6000 43p 240

If you have problems loading NetBSD like esiop // siop timeout with lock-up, just plug off the second CPU

If, after you start AIX you see green cursor and then monitor blanks - it means AIX does not like your's PS/2 keyboard, EVEN if ROM code sees it. Change the keyboard!

To go to sort-of-setup, press F1 (or 1 from consle) after it blims. (not beeps; there is a specific sound). To get to OpenFirmware, say F8 (8) (?)

If you try to install windows nt 4.0 ("Multiarch") on this sort of powerPC, find an "arc diskette" saying here ( local copy ) and plug a PC PCI VGA (that's not a joke!) to your's RS/6000 (and connect a monitor to it, 640x480 ok). Boot from dikette, CD is not bootable!
BTW, this diskette is VERY strange. Looks like it has x86 emulator - at least it *EXECUTES* *VGA* *BIOS*. I'm shocked! (well, some HP HPPA computers (C8000) and Itanium also does that by PDC code)

*NEVER* plug an audio jack to the back of Altera based GXT-800P card - you will burn it! (I did). This jack is for some sort of stereo glasses, +12 on it

If you know how to run OS/2 // PPC on RS/6000 7043, especially on 240, TELL ME!

Runs: AIX 5.1L,NT/4.0 with extra VGA card and boot diskette, netbsd 5.1.2 (console on COM0 only) (but not 6.0BETA2??), tries to boot Solaris/PPC from floppy and OS/2 PPC from CD, writes F05 (good!) on operators' LED, writes nothing nor to internal video, nor to PC VGA, not to com0.

Sun Ultrasparc II

What to do if "idprom contents are invalid" ?

1 0 mkp Value idprom address ; to show - address idprom@ .
80 1 mkp For UltraSpcarc II and I and smth else
8 2 mkp Your's
0 3 mkp MAC
20 4 mkp Address
9b 5 mkp
dd 6 mkp
b6 7 mkp
0 8 mkp
0 9 mkp
0 a mkp
0 b mkp
9b c mkp Yours'
dd d mkp hostid
b6 e mkp == lower bytes of MAC
0 f 0 do i idprom@ xor loop f mkp
Next banner. If it does not show "IDPROM invalid" - you're fine
Then set-defaults , then reset

A reminder to myself what I do after fresh installation of Solaris 10 (on Sun blades)

Bittorrent with magnet links on PowerPC Macs

Compile transmission (cli and daemon with (in my case)):
export CFLAGS="-I/usr/local/include/curl"
export LIBCURL_CFLAGS="-I/usr/local/include/curl"
export PKG_CONFIG_PATH="/usr/local/lib/pkgconfig:/opt/local/lib/pkgconfig"
./configure --enable-cli --prefix=/usr/local --disable-nls --disable-mac
Then go to and enjoy
Most of things came with macports.org, curl/libcurl compiled by ./configure; make; make install into /usr/local

Huawei GPRS/EDGE/UMTS/3G modem drivers (dashboard) for PowerMacs. Taken from E630+ PCMCIA card, but works at least with USB E1552. At least on 10.5.
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