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  Hello, this page is an inheritor of destroy.rsuh.ru/now/1715.html stated in 1998 and abandoned in 1998,1999,2003,2004,2008,2010,2012,2013, but still sometimes updated

  Привет всем, эта страница - продолжение проeкта о Robotron 1715 начатого на http://destroy.rsuh.ru/now/1715_r.html в 1998 году

Оно умеет декомпрессить Зип файл!
It can decompress ZIP FILE!

Robotron 1715 is a computer designed in 1985(?) in Eastern Germany as Zilog CP/M system, which was used in Russia for office and educational purposes. I DO NOT SELL THEM! .
I see this site as local copy of different docs and files, as it ever was, and I know that is helpfull. And I try to translate some usefull info from russian forums, and may be german too. I try to keep links to the original files, and you can see how many of the original files disappeared in the net.

Это вобщем-то такой склад полезной инфы, и я стараюсь ставить линки на то откуда я чего стырил. Многих линков уж нет, а те - далече, так что ресурс я признаю полезным. Как минимум - самому себе

I own 1715 and 1715M/W,mosty they are standing on the wardrobe, but sometimes I put them down and turn them on.
I assembled Searle Grant's SBC and designed SD interface for it and consider that to be a modern Robotron 1715 alternative.

У меня есть 1715 и 1715M, как правило они валяются на шкафу, но иногда я их оттуда снимаю и завожу.

Technical Characteristics:

Robotron 1715Robotron 1715M
CPUUA-880 (Z80) -//-
OSSCP (CP/M 2.2 clone), others? SCP3 (CP/M 3.0 clone),others?
Memory(RAM)64Kb/48k TPA 256k/61k TPA/Ramdisk (E:)
Floppies2*800k 5'25, no single chip FDC
(early models with 400k or even 200k drives)
2*800k , 8293 FDC
MonitorGreen Text-Mode 80x24 (8275 chip) -//-, loadable charsets
Communications V24 (RS232), RS232-out (for lpt) -//-
At present Robotron doesn't support 1715; here I collect files and programming information about it.

An early model with 400k (or even 200k?) floppies
A later model (just like the one I own ;-))

sorry it doesnt run on robotron (yet :))

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