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Main shit - the best the newest and the most realistic - all about DtZ ! :> My computers: Z80,68K, etc :> 68008 SBC AVR (atmega8) Booted minimal computer by DtZ with serial port MC68008 :>
"Очень много в наши дни
неопознанной хуйни"
Traditional russian song, means "There is a lot of weird things around nowadays"

CP/M 68 porting center ;-)
Some software ported by me (or may be not just by me)
Text editors
2014 Port of Terry McConnell's DEADLIN (edlin clone) Good as edlin clone can be ;-)
2014 Port of Rockedit (vt100 editor) This one is stupid. At least to insert a new line, you should press ctrl-smth.

Other software of interest: David Schultz's CP/M 68K simulator contains a lot of useful software on disk. That includes:
  • ARC archiver
  • two versions of Emacs text editor
  • CC frontend

gkermit for CP/M 68 [local]. Play with packet size (set send packet on unix side and command line on CP/M)
20181231 Long-awaited FAQ
20170103 SBC Atmega8 + RCA1802 / CDP1802 CPU launched
20141128 Gopher server launched
20141022 2006 Fotos from the roof of my house
20140701 New artwork: "I am stoling Robotron 1715 PC from MESI" for my robotron pages
20140616 Update: 68008 computer by me
20020601 Redesign of my homepage. Still wondering, what's for?
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