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The New Year - 2001 Celebration on Serpuxovka.

'I do not care what you PIZDISH!'
Me & Motalova: 'Музыку включай! Я буду танцевать!'
Zay, Me, Kaatya, Podolsky
Me and tons of girls
Ginger Johnson
Jonny and DtZ: love forever
Kaatya & Margo
A touching sober Alex, wearing a wig
A touching not-so-sober Alex, playing GrOb
My favourite wallpaper! ;-)
Me fein
Johnson and I: a typical "morning after"
Tango with Motalova
Margo and I (seeing our guests off)
Pooshkin the Cat & DtZ the Man ;-)
...DtZ the Woooooo-man!
Johnson: OK, gimme another glass of vodka, and I'm off to sleep HAXEP!
Motalova, sceptic and smoking
Motalova, sitting and smiling
Zay, DtZ, and Her Majesty Inspiration
Zay and Walt with clever faces
Pooshkin meditating.
In a car on our way to Rechnoy. Me & my reflection.
My Mother, Margo & I
Like mother, like son...
Deep Purple, Kirill Nemolyaev & DtZ: 3 in 1
Pooshkin & I: wigs and whiskers
An absolute must-see: my Wall of Lament at Rechnoy!
Me & Zay: the main builders of the Wall ;-)
Mr. Faliyan, fast asleep
Johnson, fast asleep (isn't he sweeeeeeet?;-) xe xe)
My and Margo's feet, fast asleep
PB, fast asleep
Me with a Merida nimbus
Walt: portrait of a man of the XXI century

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