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Robotron-to-floppy cable (*.gif) //
Кабель дисковода
here (I'm not able to understand it, too, even it was me who draw it ~15 years ago ; so the updated version )
Robotron-to-modem (*.gif) //
Модем и роботрон
(V24) here

Robotron-to-composite monitor

here (DD1 is 7404 / ЛН1), so "the scheme on 7404", taken from this wonderful forum. Ignore the red lines. Also, user Teodor writes:
"As analysys shows,
A3 - Sync - composite sync
B2 - common
B4 - protective ground
A1 - intencity (high brightness)
A5 - video (i.e. binary brightness)
You can try to connect it to composite monitor. Mix video and intens via 1k resistors , get video. Take diode - anode to sync, cathode to that video. Plug it into TVset or composite monitor. "

(Note: A1/B1 are near the power supply)

Another scheme from Konstantin Fotin. There are two schemes on this picture; the upper just is pinout and +12 to +5 convertor (quite standart), the next is "scheme on 7404", and the third is one more scheme.

201310. I've tried the scheme with 7404, everything works but left chars are rolled to left of screen.
201311. I use this (with 7404) scheme (as my native monitor died at 2013)! On 1715 motherboard there are two tunable resistors(?) near the CPU which tunes VSync and Hsync. The picture is near to ideal on Electronica MS6105 monitor!

Here (local copy) comrade Zander (who currenly at 2010+ maintains a *very* usefull site) proposes resistor-based sync mixer, much like Teodor's one.
201406. I'm using resistor-based mixer. Do not care - use it - the simpliest, works with Electronica MC6105 ("The Little Bell", Digital VR201 clone) monitor.

screen codes
1715M monitor notes
A5 - Video
A1 - Intencity
A3 - Bsyn (composite sync)
B2 - 0V
B1 - Vertical Sync
A4,B5 - +12, ACHTING! (goes to X3, monitor power?)
A2,B3 - Looks like groud doing to X3

IBM PC to Robotron disk file transfer //
как переписать файлы с флоппа роботрона на PC
English HOWTO here
Usefull programms:
CopyQM program, local copy
Swen Shubert's defenition for robotron for 22disk, local copy

here is smth that looks like DOS *.SYS driver to read SCP disks. Have not tried (taken from here)

Creating an Image of Robotron 1715 disks on linux
Well-described here
In short and for purpose of local mirroring - here what's alecv wrote:
"Go to http://fdutils.linux.lu/disk-id.html and install fdutils.

$ setfdprm /dev/fd0 QD sect=5 ssize=1024 cyl=80
$ dd if=/dev/fd0 of=robotron.img bs=1024
800+0 records in
800+0 records out
819200 bytes (819 kB) copied, 40.4986 s, 20.2 kB/s

Same for writing back. Also, you can format the disk with superformat."
(Note: Most floppy images on my site are CopyQM images. Only a few of them are .IMG files on this site currently)
Note: if you ever install 3.5 drive, looks like QD must be replaced by DD

Floppy replacing

Great site http://honi.hucki.de/ in german about floppy drives conversion. Covers Chinon, Epson, Mitsubishi, Mitsumu, Panasonic, Samsung, Teac and Sonstige drivers. Covers most of robotron technics and amigas

One more usefull link http://www.pitsch.de/stuff/amiga/floppy.htm And here is jumper settings for our Soviet MS 5311/5309/530whatever else disk drives
Checked by me
Но и мы не лохи, вот так надо ставить джамперы на наши исконно-посконные МС5311/5309/53херзнает какие дисководы
Пробовал сам, работает.

This is a scheme of robotron 1715, scanned!
Схема Роботрона 1715, сканированная!

This files were taken from http://members.tripod.de/u880
The message there says 1715G, but I know 1715 and 1715M == 1715W... May be G is just a mistake...
More, the original site is all in Deutch, and I got lost in it ;-(.
UPD: Sure, it's 1715 scheme, not W/M!

Нижеследующие файлы были скачаны с http://members.tripod.de/u880 На сайте написано 1715G, но я такого не знаю, скорее всего это просто ошибка, это скорее всего одно из 1715 / 1715W == 1715M
и еще там все по немецки написано, я в нем ни бум-бум
UPD: Ну разумеется 1715, а не M!


Some (partitial?) HQ scheme taken from Zander's site. There should be some more files, but links are broken.
And here is the scheme of 1715W from Jens Mueller. He says that the source is unknown.
The archive also includes ROM images of everything.
Here is a scheme of 1715 (and much more!) from the same source

Keyboard schematics, taken from here
Romof above (original url)
Keyboard schematics , taken from Zander
Those looks different. Note /WR line usage on Zander's scheme, cool? On kbdbabels's scheme it is not even connected.
From the other sources, keyboard appears to be even [sort of] serial..

UPD 201401. The keyboard is really plugged into SIO (and much like serial) but uses also CLK. So to transfer byte you have to send it (on TTL levels) mostly as usual (8N1 with stop/start bits) and provide click in that CLK line (looks like at falling egde).
Rom Images of Robotron 1715 (2716)! /I havnt try to diasam it/
... but here is a disasseble attempt by Christian Corti of Computermuseum der Fakultaet Informatik (Stuttgart) 2002, very usefull and somehow commented

Some more Rom Images of Robotron from http://www.sax.de/~zander/pc1715/pc_bin.html

I just grab a page and made a local copy
Urlader-EPROM S502 (local) 2,048 Bytes 01. 02. 2007
1. Zeichen-EPROM S619 (deutsch) (local) 2,048 Bytes 01. 02. 2007
1. Zeichen-EPROM S643 (kyrillisch) **) (local) 2,048 Bytes 02. 04. 2007
2. Zeichen-EPROM S605 (kyrillisch) **) (local) 2,048 Bytes 02. 04. 2007
Tastatur-EPROM S600 (local) 2,048 Bytes 24. 01. 2007
FDC 098 (local) 0 Bytes 17. 03. 2010
FDC 099 (local) 0 Bytes 17. 03. 2010
FDC mit 4xA302 068 (Lese-ROM) (local) 1,024 Bytes 21. 07. 2010
FDC mit 4xA302 069 (Schreib-ROM) (local) 1,024 Bytes 10. 01. 2013

PC1715W *)
Urlader-EPROM S550 (local) 2,048 Bytes 24. 02. 2007
CAS-Dekoder 74S287 (local) 1,503 Bytes 05. 03. 2007

Danke für die Zuarbeit von *) Johann Spannenkrebs und **) Holger Krull Kreuz.

Original manual on Deutch from http://www.sax.de/~zander/pc1715/pc_bw.html
Родной мануальчикна немецком from http://www.sax.de/~zander/pc1715/pc_bw.html (надо там еще покопошиться, там кульный олдовый дядька внутри сидит, Zander)
Manuals from the same source (local copies)

Allgemeine Dokumentation
Handbuch 1715 281,088 Bytes 22. 07. 2010
Handbuch 1715/1715W 246,645 Bytes 01. 07. 2010
1715-Servicehandbuch (in Arbeit) 266,291 Bytes 16. 03. 2013
Erg?nzungen zum Servicehandbuch 67,010 Bytes 08. 01. 2012
Der Personalcomputer 1715 0 Bytes (Lost in original site // жопа!) 03. 07. 2010
Betriebssystem SCP 0 Bytes (Lost in original site // жопа!) 03. 07. 2010
Beschreibung des CP/A fur 1715 73,778 Bytes 17. 03. 2013
Quelltext des CP/A fur 1715 0 Bytes (Lost in original site // жопа!) 03. 07. 2010

From kc85.de: SCP 3.0 changes 002 vs 002 for 1715M/W ( local )

From http://www.tiffe.de/Robotron/SCP/ : SCP user guide?
SCP System handbook

SCP Operator manual RUSSIAN! (34M, .jpg)
SCP 3.0 Manual German (26M, PDF)

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